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Australian Spouse Visa

Australian Spouse Visa:


The Spouse/Partner visa allows partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens to apply to enter and/or stay permanently in Australia. The Spouse visa can be applied for from either inside or outside Australia. If you are applying while you are in Australia you must also hold a valid substantive visa and be in Australia at the time the visa is granted. If you are applying from outside Australia then you must also be outside of Australia at the time the visa is granted.


If you want to be eligible for a spouse visa to Australia, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You and your spouse have a pledge to a mutual life as husband and wife, whether or not you are legally married, to the exclusion of all others.
  • Your relationship is genuine and continuing.
  • You and your partner live together, or don't live individually and apart on a permanent basis.
  • Unless you are legally married, you must have been in a partner relationship for the last 12 months, which usually involves showing that you have lived together  during this period.
  • Usually, you both need to be aged 18 or over.
  • You must pass health and character criteria.

Health & Character

Australia has harsh in health and character needs that must be met before any permanent visa of more than twelve months will be granted. People attempting to migrate to Australia on an Australian spouse visa will be required to:

  • Undergo a medical examination and chest x-ray undertaken by one of a board of doctors chosen by the Australian authorities, and;
  • Obtain police certificates for all countries in which they have lived for more than 12 months in the 10 years leading up to the application.

Further Information:

An Australian spouse visa application will need to be supported by documentary proof of the spousal relationship.

These links provide information about the requirements that must be met to support a visa application.

Married Applicant Eligibility

De-facto Applicant Eligibility

Sponsor Eligibility


Family Member Eligibility


When You May Not Be Eligible


These pages provide information about the requirements that must be met following the granting of this visa.

Applicant Obligations


Sponsor Obligations


Family Members Obligations

More Information:

Australian Spouse Visa Guide


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