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Human Right Appeal

You want permission to stay in UK on human rights basis?

Then we are here to sort this out for you, our UK Visa and Immigration specialists have used the Human Rights Act and helped many people for a legal stay in Britain territory. The Human Rights Act applies to anyone who has been a victim of persecution in their country of origin. For example, you do not have legal stay in the UK; you cannot go home due to fear for your life or have established a personal life or family life in the UK
An application made under this Act is called a Discretionary Leave application. It stands alone from other visa applications because it is made outside of the immigration rules and based on exceptional, sympathetic and compelling conditions.
Discretionary Leave to Remain is granted at the discretion of the Secretary of State if she is convinced that the circumstances are progressing and you'll have a better chance of having quality life in the UK.

We will assist you in such a way:

Your immigration matter will be treated with following few steps in order to complete your Discretionary Leave to Remain application capably:
We need your pre-application, where we will make certain that we receive the accurate documents to build up your case stronger.
A complete review of your personal state of affairs.
We will make an application to the Secretary of State to consider your application outside of the Immigration Rules, on the basis of Human Rights
Submission of your Discretionary Leave to Remain application.
Contact you with the confirmation of your Discretionary Leave to Remain Application.

If you have a case of human rights then the following basic Human Rights and freedoms are included:

  • UK holds to the European Convention on Human Rights, which prevents the relevant authorities from sending anyone to a country where there is a risk of that they will be under torture, or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
  • The right to liberty and security
  • The right to no punishment without law
  • The right to fair trial
  • The right to respect private and family life
  • The right to marry
  • The right to a remedy of human rights abuses
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
  • Freedom of expression
  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Freedom of assembly and association
  • Prohibition of torture
  • Prohibition of slavery and forced labor
  • Prohibition of the abuse of rights


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New immigration fees proposed

Today, 3 February 2014, the government announced proposals to change the fees charged for visas, immigration and nationality applications and associated premium services.

New customer satisfaction survey

From 16 December 2013, if you are applying for a visa from outside the UK, you will be asked to fill in a new customer satisfaction survey.

Online payment to become mandatory in Pakistan

From 16 December 2013 all UK visa applications made in Pakistan must be paid for online.

Immigration Rule changes - Armed Forces

Changes to the Immigration Rules will affect members of HM Forces and their families

New visa application customer satisfaction survey

If you are making a visa application in the UK you now have the opportunity to tell us about your experience through a new customer satisfaction survey.

Our application forms are changing

We are publishing new versions of the following application forms for use on or after 28 October 2013

Immigration Bill introduced

The government has announced the introduction of the Immigration Bill on Thursday 10 October 2013.

New commercial partner contracts announced

Global contracts have been awarded for our visa application centres overseas

Immigration Rule changes

Rule changes which come into effect on 1 October 2013 will mean greater flexibility for businesses and workers

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